• Mary Anderson

Back on the Trail

On May 27, Mary Anderson set out from South Pass, Wyoming, to hike the northern half of the Continental Divide Trail. By June 7, she was struggling to keep going with a knee injury. Korongo received the following email from her on June 16


By Mary Anderson

After some days off to rehab my knee, I'm back on trail. Managed 13 miles today (June 16) to finish the Rawlins road walk in high-90-degree heat. Used the crutches today to take the slight twinge out. All told, I have walked over 30 miles on crutches.

Knee held up pretty well today. Tomorrow I hope to do 11 offroad miles with the equivalent of a day pack and my poles. If that goes okay I have another 13 miles over a snowy peak to finish this section of about 200 miles. Then I would catch a ride north to the Canadian border and hope I can get a Glacier Park permit to start hiking the remaining 1,350 miles south with full pack ASAP.

As always, thanks for your messages of support.


Korongo, too, wishes to thank you for your support of Mary’s hike. As of today, our fund-raising campaign has received $1,140 in donations, exceeding our goal of $1,000. We will keep the campaign active for now and use the extra funds to help with transportation and for overnight stays in hostels along the trail. Click here to chip in.

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