• Mary Anderson


Updated: May 21, 2021

By Mary Anderson

So yesterday I wrote about cutting down on weight. Today it is about balance. I'm working on finding the balance between what I keep in my pack and what gets left behind—just like when I strive to find the balance in my writing between what gets left in and what, sadly, gets cut. (Oh, those brilliant words that end up in the trash!)

To be honest, last year I cut the handle of my toothbrush too short for comfort. I’ll allow a little more length this year. My pack last year was really light weight, but it wasn’t comfortable—my once-broken shoulder complained a lot. So this year I’ve decided to upgrade, even if it means a few extra ounces. Ditto on the pad I’ll sleep on. The extra two ounces this year’s pad weighs will be well worth it if I don’t have to reinflate it six times every night.

Safety will take precedence over comfort. The rangers recommend full crampons for Glacier in June. I’ll take the crampons rather than my micro spikes, even though they weigh twelve ounces more.

When I write I’ll try not to stress over getting each and every word perfect. And I’ll try not to obsess over every fraction of an ounce in my pack. The final goal is to enjoy whatever it is I am doing. I’ll work to find the balance between writing as a chore versus writing for fun, and ultra lightweight versus comfort.

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