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  • Sara Tucker

Carl’s Diary: August 8, 2020

Carl B. Russell lives in Bethel, Vermont, and uses draft animals in his forestry-services operation. He also writes poetry and posts about his life and work on Facebook. I'm an avid follower, and when I saw this post on Facebook today, I asked if I could publish it here, explaining that I was looking for contributors to help launch the Homebound Diaries, a community journaling project that Korongo Books is doing with help from Kimball Library the Randolph Herald. Timber is Carl and Lisa's son; he grew up on the farm, working alongside his dad. Carl's FB profile appears above the words "Earth as my canvas / Life is the easel / My being the brush / I paint my dreams."


By Carl B. Russell

I will start by saying that he is doing extremely well...... Last night as I was putting the horses out, I heard the adult Kestrel calling alarm. There has been a pair in the neighborhood this summer, and they have fledged 3 young ones. Recently they’ve been hazing our pastures as a family while the youngsters perfect their craft. I looked up to see what the chatter was about, and saw the bold little tyke mobbing a Red Tail Hawk perched high atop an old pine snag. You know, we teach them to fly, but then all we can do is watch.... and just when you turn your back, there comes a big old bird of prey...... I told a friend I probably should have raised a couch potato, but all three of our kids are highly skilled and ambitious. Yesterday, Timber was working on a brush clearing that he was doing on his own. The chain came off the brush saw he was using, and lacerated his lower leg about mid-calf. It’s a strange cocktail of emotions to be scared, helpless, confused, responsible, and proud of Timber all at the same time. He dropped the saw, and when his cell phone wouldn’t connect to 911, he tied a shirt tight enough to slow the bleeding, and jumped into the truck, driving through brush piles on his way to a nearby home to use the phone. The ambulance arrived quickly, followed by the helicopter (that’s when everyone’s hearts sank). Suffice to say, after surgery, and a night in the hospital, he’s on the mend. Amazingly, he missed any nerves, vessels, or tendons, and his prognosis is good. And tonight he’s surrounded by close friends, with songs and laughter. His skill and commitment to safety are infallible, but there is always a risk outside of normal expectations, and he just dodged a big one. Even in the face of this emergency he kept his cool, did what he needed to do, and even took the time to call home, leaving a message sending his love. ....... fly boy, fly....


Carl and his wife, Lisa McCrory, operate Earthwise Farm and Forest, a certified Organic draft-animal powered diversified family farm located on 150 acres in Bethel, Vermont. From their website: "We produce and sell certified Organic garlic, potatoes, raw milk, flowers, herbs, perennials, and poultry (chicken and heritage turkey). We also sell gmo-free eggs and pork that are raised organically, but not certified. We use forest management principles that maintain ecological integrity, and use our draft animals exclusively to harvest logs that we sell as custom-cut lumber and fuelwood."