• Mary Anderson


Updated: May 21, 2021

By Mary Anderson

Despite the difficulties in my life which spurred me on to hike the CDT, I am well aware that I am surrounded by blessings. Having the time and means to hike is a luxury. And I am grateful to Korongo Books and all of you who have helped to support me in my quest. This is what your gift is enabling me to do.

  • I will be able to purchase an ice axe for safety when slabbing snow slopes.

  • I will upgrade the plan on my satellite rescue device so I can stay in contact with people while on the trail.

  • I will be able to stay some nights in town. This will make resupply so much easier and less stressful. By staying someplace, I can send my food drop there, which is more convenient than sending it to a post office which is closed on weekends.

  • By being able to pay the out-of-the-way lodges to hold my food drops, I will be able to carry less food. This will be really important as I will be carrying more gear, such as ice axe and bear spray.

  • I may splurge on a pizza now and then.

  • I may pay for shuttles rather than relying on hitchhiking to get in and out of towns.

  • I will replace my taped-up rain/wind pants (see below), which got torn to shreds last year when I slid down a few scree slopes.

  • I have trouble writing by hand. With this gift I will purchase a device I can carry and type on, enabling me to keep writing while on the trail.

  • I will buy some paper maps which are better than the free ones I downloaded.

  • I can make upgrades to my pack, which left my previously broken shoulder in pain.

  • I may get a pair of backup boots. It saves me from having to glue the bottoms back on each night in my tent. Last year I needed the second pair.

In these and many other ways, each one of you will be with me on my hike. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Time for some new rain pants. These date back to the 1980s and my first Appalachian Trail thru-hike!

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