• Mary Anderson

How to Hike the Last Mile of the Day

  • When I have a painful last mile to walk, I envision walking down my road at home for what I know to be a mile: Now I’m at the bottom of the driveway . . . now I’m at the next-door neighbor’s . . . now I’m at the church . . . I always seem to cut this one too short.

  • Rounding mileage up so I arrive quicker than I think I will.

  • Rounding my expected time up for the same reason.

  • Actually counting my steps, figuring 5,280 feet per mile and two feet to each step. I always miscount and add more, so I arrive earlier than expected.

  • Sing a lot of songs.

  • Fantasize what I will eat for dinner.

  • Focus on the beauty around me.

  • Talk to the animals.

  • Write blogs in my head.

  • Compose responses in my head to people who have contacted me.

  • Envision a great tent spot and how good it will feel to lie down.

  • Eat that extra protein bar.

  • Think about the food I will get when in town.

  • Sing yet more songs.

  • Be grateful I can feel my pain and am not paralyzed.

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