• Mary Anderson

It Would Be So Easy to Walk Away

Self-discipline is often hard. When I am home it is easy to find reasons to put something off until the next day. But out here on the trail the consequences are much more apparent and often dire. For example, if I just don't hike because I don't feel like it one day, I will run out of food before I reach the next town. Same thing will happen if I overindulge and eat more food in one sitting than I intended to do. I have to ration what I have, though sometimes I do allow myself to eat all my favorite foods first, knowing that by the time I get to the other things I will be hungry enough to appreciate them.

Hiking a trail likes this requires a lot of discipline, especially when in towns. It would be so easy to walk away from the trail when it is over ninety degrees, the next water is 20 miles away, I am staying in a comfy home and have spent most of the last two days trying to figure out how to get around a few large fires that have closed parts of the trail. It is at times such as this that I have to go deep within and remember my reasons for doing what I am doing.

Knowing I would feel bad to stop helps me get back out into the mountains. And once there I am glad I found the self-discipline to keep on.

I hope once I get home I can find a way to keep disciplined, at least in ways that really matter to me. I want to continue to exercise and write daily. I want to eat and sleep well and in a semi-regular manner. I don't want to get sucked into long hours on the computer.

Unfortunately, once home, living by myself, there are fewer consequences if I lose my self-discipline. I'm not yet sure how I will maintain it, but I guess recognizing it and thinking about it are good first steps.

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