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Mary Badass Is On the Move

Mary Anderson began writing and blogging with Korongo last year as she hiked the northern half of the 3,000-mile Continental Divide Trail. Since then, she has bicycled through all 251 Vermont towns and skied Vermont's Catamount Trail. Now she is launching a daring new adventure and a new blog to go with it.


By Mary Anderson

To all who followed me through my writing I say thank you. And I want to let you know that I have now started my own blogging site so I will no longer be posting on Korongo. To find me you can go to themarybadass.wordpress.com

There is not much there just now except for all of my old blogs and one new one. But this weekend I am heading out to begin my newest adventure.

This last winter I skied the whole length of Vermont on the Catamount Trail. Greg at the Catamount Trail Association did an interview with me and you can read it by going to https://catamounttrail.org/mary-badass-anderson-the-catamount-trail/

And since I have now hiked, biked and skied the length of Vermont I am attempting to solo paddle it by going the length of the Connecticut River. Actually, I am thinking once I hit the VT/Mass border I will keep going and paddle the river from source to sea. Did you know the CT River is the longest river in New England?

I will write about it and post as I can. I am not sure how much I will have internet. To be honest, of all my recent adventures, this one arouses the most trepidation in me. I used to race white water kayaks and have a great respect for the water.

I'll write more and post it on my word press blog. Hope to see you there! You can sign up to be notified when I post something, though I am not exactly sure how you do it. I am still a bit of a luddite!

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