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Messages from Mary

And How You Can Send Her an "Attagirl"

Many of you are following Mary Anderson's blog posts as she hikes the northern half of the Continental Divide Trail. Because Mary often writes a bunch of posts in advance and schedules their release at the rate of one a day, the best way to follow her progress in real time is by the messages she sends by satellite from the trail.

To see where she is on the map, and to read her messages, go to share.garmin.com/CDTMarybadass

While there, you can send her a message of up to 160 characters (see below). As you might imagine, she looks forward to getting messages from folks back home. It's awfully lonely out there.

Right now, she is crossing the Wyoming desert, in the area known as the Great Basin. Water is scarce, and the wind is up to 60 mph and nonstop. When I spoke with her yesterday, she was eyeing the sky, which was dark and cloudy.

She has started her trek in southern Wyoming because the snow in the mountains is really deep. After crossing the desert, she will get a ride to Montana and begin hiking south. By then, she hopes, the snow will have melted enough to make the trail passable at higher altitudes.

This is what her Web page looks like (below). If you click on the "Message" icon on the left side of the page, you'll get a pop-up window where you can enter your email address or phone number and a 160-character message.

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