• Mary Anderson


By Mary Anderson

Now that I’m on my way and blogging on a tablet, I expect I may make more writing mistakes. I hate seeing my writing out there with misplaced punctuation or awkward words. Yet it has already happened a number of times.

I am getting better at not beating myself up over it, not retreating and saying, “I quit! I suck at this!” It is probably good preparation for publishing a book. I know after it is printed I will find things I wish I had done differently.

I’ll have to practice doing with my writing what I do when hiking. When faced with challenges that require decisions about which trail to take or where to cross a river, I give it my best shot and then let go, refusing to beat myself up over it. Sometimes these decisions require a lot of angst and tears to arrive at, but once there, I have too much invested to spend time berating myself for a poor choice. Sometimes I may have to turn around if, for example, the river is too high or there is a fire. But I try to hike with the motto “No Regrets.” I want to enjoy this so I’ll focus on the positives rather than on any poor choices I might make. I’ll be grateful to emerge relatively unscathed and move on to the next adventure.

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