• Mary Anderson

One Sip

The real challenge is for me to believe that I am enough.

I have been reminding myself to drink more water. It is plentiful now, though still sometimes as far apart as fifteen miles over a long tough ridge. But I've been without plentiful water for long enough that i have gotten into the habit of being thirsty and not drinking enough. As I consciously work to change that, I think of how lack of abundance has affected my life in so many ways.

I lived for a number of months with my two-year-old son in a homeless shelter. I learned to skimp on food and still find it difficult not to want to squirrel some away for lean times.

I still have a tendency to collect stuff I don't really need. This comes from the ingrained belief that there is not enough. I am trying to change that, one sip at a time. Whenever I feel thirsty or think about drinking, I make myself take a sip from my drinking tube. Perhaps if I can believe there really is enough water to go around I can believe there are enough other things that I need, and I don't have to grab a hold of every broken item or refuse to spend even a penny because there are not enough.

Certainly the trail has taught me that enough of my needs are met for me to make it through another day. But I think the real challenge is for me to believe that I am enough. That no matter how other people react to me, if I do my best to be kind, I am good enough. Perhaps I can learn to believe more in myself, one sip at a time.

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