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Shirly’s Diary: August 4, 2020

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Sara asked if I would keep a journal for a project she was doing. Why not? So here I am.

A storm was blowing up the East Coast, creating high winds and heavy rain. A light, gentle rain started in the early hours and continued throughout the day. Later in the afternoon, it was coming down in buckets, and the winds picked up. The kids’ pool blew by the window at a high rate of speed, twisting and turning, until it came to rest at the edge of the garden.

Isaias blew fast across the mountains and ended about 9:30 last night. Mother Earth was thankful for the gift of water.

The night air was refreshing. The smell of rain is so delicate. It’s like clean clothes taken from the clothesline after the day in the sun.

As I get ready to go to bed, I was thinking that it was a wonderful day. The rains came after a long dry spell. We went for a two-mile walk before seven a.m. We canned more string beans, hit 49 quarts, our goal is 50.

Cupcakes were made and delivered to one of the elders, who turned 90. Just the smile on his face said it all. Waving to us, until he could see us no more.

Made chowder for supper. Heard from some wonderful friends.

Life is GOOD.

Good Night Moon.


Shirly Hook is the author of My Bring Up, a memoir about her Abenaki heritage and her childhood in Chelsea, Vermont. She serves on the Koasek Council of Chiefs.


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