• Mary Anderson

The Old vs the New

Updated: May 21, 2021

By Mary Anderson

I was looking at the bottoms of my hiking boots from last summer's 1500 mile hike to see if I really needed new ones. I compared them to a new pair in the store. Yep. It was pretty obvious. The old ones did not have another 1500 miles left in them. I bought the new ones. But what to do with the old pair?

They got me thinking about life and writing. My new boots are like a newborn baby, just starting out and full of unwalked stories. The old ones are too worn out for much. Most people would throw them away. If they were a person they might end up in a nursing home.

Yet of the two it is these old, useless boots that I am more fond of. They have so many rich stories to tell. I thought of all those untold stories hidden away in nursing homes.

I’ll turn my old boots into gardening boots.They will be good for that. I’ll allow them to remain with me until they can be worn no longer. And in the meantime I will begin to write a new story with my new boots.

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