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The Story Lady Needs You (and Here’s a Free Book)

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In September Korongo published the premier issue of a journal about our wacko times. Now we're working on the next one. Our contributors are not professional writers, just people who are willing to share their stories, poems, photographs, and drawings. In return, we give out free stuff—books, workshops, advice. So here's a free book. If you have something to give us, send it to Text should be in a Word doc, images in .jpg format at 300 dpi or higher. The content should be your own. Include your phone number and best way to reach you. We're looking for anything that will help us document for posterity the way this year has gone down, from our own personal experience. Good times, bad times, how you're coping (or not). First day of school, weddings and funerals, DIY haircuts, what you did for Halloween. In our first issue, we learned about a funeral ("homegoing") via Zoom, the harvesting of an Abenaki garden, and a day-trip to a little-known state park.


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