• Mary Anderson

What I’ll Remember from the Bob

Mary entered the Bob Marshall Wilderness in Montana on July 2 and emerged nine days later. She is now in Scapegoat Wilderness and reports that she is making good time. We spoke on July 1 and again on July 11. The audio track for the video, below, is a snippet from our July 1 conversation as she was headed into the Bob; the photos are all Mary's except for a couple of scary-looking grizzlies that I threw in for effect. Her message on July 5 read: "Maybe 500 blowdowns today, plus big up big down 16 water crossings at least, snow. Some gorgeous scenery." —Sara Tucker


What I'll Remember from the Bob

By Mary Anderson

Being in the heart of wildness with no roads for 100 miles.

Experiencing lots of biting flies and mosquitoes.

Seeing many colors of butterflies, including orange, blue, and lemon yellow.

Learning a lot about horsepackers.

Going over, under, and through the worst blowdowns I've ever experienced.

Hiking in record heat.

Crossing many icy rivers each day.

Walking on sprained foot/ankle.

Not sure where I'm supposed to go for hours.

Going deep into my internal journey.

Really listening to the sound different rivers make.

Realizing that I am not a quitter out here.

Wondering what that means about the rest of my life.

Resting by some gorgeous mountain lakes.

Being immersed on all sides by deep green vegetation.

Thinking I'd seen all the new kinds of flowers out here, then seeing yet more, including orchids.

Going through large burn areas.

Marveling at the new growth under the burnt trees.

Washing in snowmelt.

Taking an attitude day.

Doing an 18-mile day and feeling tired but okay.

Meeting some kind people who shared food with me.

Getting to where I could not eat another bite of my granola.

Eating it anyway.

Seeing some spectacular cliffs.

Saying "Go bear go" a lot as I walked through thick vegetation.

Being relieved to emerge from the Bob.

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