Becoming Madame Texier ebook

  • This 100-year saga chronicles the story of Korongo Books founders Sara Tucker and Patrick Texier. There are charging lions, night flights into war zones, spear hunters, and several murders. There are poachers and armed thieves who come in the night. There is moonlight and heartbreak and a Tanzanian wedding and long separations punctuated by joyful reunions. As the family moves from Africa to America and, finally, France, each opportunity comes with a price. Parts of the story will be familiar to readers of Our House in Arusha and its sequel, An Irruption of Owls. Sign up for the Korongo Books newsletter ( to receive invitations to online discussions with the author. NOTE: This download is in ePub format, readable on most devices. TO ORDER IN PAPERBACK: Search for this title in the Amazon store.

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