Korongo No. 1: Homebound Diaries

  • In the fall of 2020, as the coronavirus pandemic raged on, Korongo teamed up with Kimball Library in Randolph, Vermont, to offer free writing workshops via Zoom. Our purpose was twofold: (1) to come together during a time of isolation and (2) to document our experience of a historic year. In the premier issue of "Korongo," the zine that grew out of these workshops, Shirly Hook writes about keeping an Abenaki garden, P.A. Cooley writes about the life of a married gay man who works in a skilled nursing facility, and Emily Howe reports on a day-trip to a quirky and little known state park. Korongo will be published on an occasional basis. The magazine, supported by our contributors and Kimball Library, is our gift to the community that we call home. This downloadable file is a PDF; the title is also available in our store in ePub format, readable on most devices, and in paperback.

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