Editors: Sara Tucker and Patrick Texier

Cover Illustration: Ira Ferro


Valerie Auffray Daniel

Josie Carothers

Sheila Colson

Charles Cooley

P.A. Cooley

Phil Godenschwager

Kyla Grace

Shirly Hook

Amy Hook-Therrien

Emily Howe

John Jackson

Mindy Jackson-Jefferys

Jon Kaplan

Forest MacGregor

Jo Magee

Rebecca McMeekin

Linda Morse

Chip Allen Natvig

Sarah Natvig

Tina O'Donnell

Sally Penrod

Nancy Reid

Carl Russell

Valerie Schoolcraft

Gloria Baker Smith

Idora Tucker

Nancy Tucker

Dana Waters

Janet Watton

Korongo No. 2: Homebound Still PDF

  • As a long, dark winter settled over Vermont, residents of the White River Valley reached out to friends and neighbors, isolated by the pandemic of 2020–2021, with this collection of stories, poems, and pictures, their overall theme a message of hope. Here you'll find a mother-daughter journal about an Abenaki garden that provides food for tribal elders, a photo essay about revamping a restaurant in the middle of a pandemic, greetings from former residents who have moved away, and stories about rediscovering simple pleasures and old pastimes. "Homebound Still," volume 2 in the Korongo series, is a celebration of community spirit in small-town Vermont during hard times. Also available in paperback ($15).

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