Korongo is a journal written and illustrated by the people of the White River Valley in Vermont; proceeds from its sale help fund free writing workshops led by Korongo and hosted by Kimball Library, the Randolph Senior Center, and other community organizations. In the premier issue, Shirly Hook, author of the story collection My Bring Up (Korongo Books; 2019), writes about keeping an Abenaki garden and spending time at a camp that can only be reached by boat. Also included are sketches and poems by the artist Dorothy Calhoun Fago, who kept a journal while living at Menig nursing home in Randolph Center. P.A. Cooley writes about the life of a married gay man who works in a skilled nursing facility, and Emily Howe reports on a day-trip to a quirky and little known state park. Korongo is edited by Sara Tucker, a writer and publisher whose work has been exhibited at the Vermont Folklife Center and the Vermont State House and recognized by the Vermont State Legislature.

Korongo: The Homebound Diaries

  • This is a generic ePub file that can be downloaded and read on most laptops, iPads, iPhones, and e-readers. The paperback ($9.99) and Kindle ($6.99) editions are available for purchase on Amazon.



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