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Catching Up With Mary

On May 27, Mary Anderson set out from South Pass, Wyoming, to hike the northern half of the Continental Divide Trail. By June 7, she was struggling to keep going with a knee injury. After walking 30 miles on crutches along a stretch of desert highway (an alternate CDT route), she made it to Encampment, Wyoming, a distance of some 200 miles. She then got a lift to Glacier National Park, scored a much-coveted backcountry camping permit, and began the southbound portion of her trek, from Montana back to Wyoming. She reports that her knee is better (she took a week off and iced it), the Montana air is cool and refreshing, and she is hiking through some of the most beautiful country she has ever seen.

If you are just joining us now, you have some catching up to do—and that could very well be my fault. (As Mary’s editor, I often struggle to keep up with her.) As Mary's friends and acquaintances have contacted the Korongo website, I blithely assumed the form they submitted would trigger notifications of Mary’s new blog posts. Nope. So yesterday I went through my list and made the necessary adjustment. If, however, I have added your name in error and you wish to UNSUBSCRIBE from the blog, simply scroll to the end of the email notification and do so.

It’s worth going back through Mary’s posts to see what you’ve missed. She is writing not only about one helluva hike but also about a journey of healing, and she has a deft way of handling difficult topics relating to trauma, a subject of the book she is working on. Her posts are not long, but she puts a lot of thought into them. No doubt that’s one of the benefits of hiking.

To catch up, go to the home page and scroll down. There you'll find Mary Badass, in all her glory.


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