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Growing Up

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Patrick is working on a Storyworth project with his children and grandchildren—they pose the questions, he writes the answers. Below is one of his essays.


What kind of person did you want to be when you grew up, and did you succeed?


As many kids of my era, at a young age, I dreamed to become:

• A firefighter • A cowboy • A cop • An explorer, etc.

… but no sense as how I wanted to be as a grownup. Just that it should happen.

Then, later, I was starting to think about becoming an adult at a distant future—what it would be. I pretty much knew I didn’t want to be home with my parents: my father was heavily trying to make me:

1) an engineer 2) an army man 3) a pilot.

All occupations involving maths! I hated maths and understood zilch. Furthermore, I had no clue about the utility of mathematics in my future. I saw myself as an artist, but this idea was a no-no! I also saw myself as a world traveler, and I succeeded brilliantly in the field. I have set foot on over 100 countries. Becoming an African game park manager—it worked there too.

All the above determined the kind of person I wanted to be: free from any constraints, a complete stranger to social conventions such as fashion, behavior … even not attached to a job. Not motivated by money, only what was necessary to live! And to live fully. It most probably was hard on my companions and family, and I wish them to forgive me.

In my view, yes, I succeeded!


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Well said! I love this summary. And you have achieved your goals.

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