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Shirly’s Diary: August 5, 2020

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Korongo, Kimball Library, and the Randolph Herald are jointly sponsoring "The Homebound Diaries," a 2020 community journaling project that will incorporate individual pictures and words into a multimedia exhibit and a publication. Shirly volunteered to be our first contributor. This is her second entry in a diary that she began on August 4, 2020. Above: A draft of Shirly's book "My Bring Up," about her childhood in Chelsea, Vermont.

“Took my two-mile walk. An out-of-stater blew by me, as if she was driving in the Indy 500. She had to stop down the road, due to the seven geese that resided there. They honked and hardly budged, pecking her tires, trying to get her out of their space. Finally, she found a getaway path and picked up speed as she roared down the road.
“New potatoes have been dug up for roasting at the evening meal. Have a number of vegetables ready to pick. Two types of squash, broccoli, tomatoes, cukes, and stringbeans. It is better than any restaurant, except you have to do the dishes!”

Shirly Hook is the author of My Bring Up, a memoir about her Abenaki heritage and her childhood in Chelsea, Vermont. She serves on the Koasek Council of Chiefs.


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